Saturday, December 21, 2013

Freckles and Fashion on Morpha Life!

Hello hello! I'm just checking in to let you guys know it's your lucky day! I know you have all been DYING to know all my deepest, darkest secrets, and now here's your chance! Tiana from Morpha Life, asked me to do a little style profile interview on her blog. I was more than happy do this, as I just love talking about myself! I mean, why do you really think I started this blog, anyway? 


Ok, so "my deepest, darkest secrets" might have been a bit dramatic, but if you care to read my advice to new bloggers, how I stay stylish on a budget, or you have just run out of things to look at online and you need to kill some time, stop by and check it out here. I sound like like a turd, but Tiana says some really nice things about me, so that alone is worth reading. :P Thanks to the girls over at Morpha Life for contacting me about this and saying such swell things. I totally feel legit now! 

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