Friday, November 8, 2013

Blush Crush

Nars Penny Lane, Kevyn Aucoin Liquifuschia, Marc Jacobs Outspoken, Mac Pink Swoon, Stila Gladiola
Left to right: Nars Penny Lane, Kevyn Aucoin Liquifuschia, Marc Jacobs Outspoken, MAC Pink Swoon, Stila Gladiola
For me, blush is one of those products I just don't feel complete without. At any given time, I have to at least have a base, mascara, and blush. My corpse-like complexion just wouldn't have it any other way. I can go without eyeshadow. I can go without lipstick, but without blush, I just never feel quite right.

I rounded up my five favorite, must have blushes that never fail to perk up my lackluster, zombie skin. Here they are!

I love cream blushes because they add a bit of dewiness to my skin when it's looking a bit parched. One of my faves is Nars Penny Lane. I like to dab this on whenever I do more of a dramatic eye and want to keep the focus on that. It adds a pretty glow to my cheeks and perfectly finishes off the look. (Note: a "dramatic" eye for me basically just means wearing more than two eyeshadows at once.) Penny Lane is sort of a brown toned pink with shimmer. Although, on the cheeks, it translates as more of a glow, rather than a shimmer. I apply this with the real Techniques Expert Face brush. I was wearing it in this post!

I like to dab on Kevyn Aucoin's The Creamy Glow in Liquifuschia to add a healthy, pink flush to my cheeks! It isn't as scary on the cheeks as it is in the pan, I promise. Just don't go buckwild with it and it looks quite pretty. This is quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way. No glitter, no shimmer. Just a pretty, healthy glow. For a cream product, this is actually quite long lasting. This is a great companion for a pink lipstick. I just go a little easier on the eye makeup.

When the Marc Jacobs beauty line came out, the first product I zeroed in on was the Shameless Bold Blush in the shade Outspoken. I was on the hunt for a lilac toned blush, and when I saw this, I was pretty jazzed. First, the packaging. The packaging for all of his products are very luxe. Sleek, shiny black with silver accents. Inside, is the prettiest, lilac pink color. I like wearing this blush, because it is completely different from all my other blushes. It isn't the most natural looking color, but it really perks up my skin and just feels pretty.

I got MAC's Pink Swoon almost a year ago, and I still wear it probably more than any other blush. It looks quite bright in the pan, but translates to a nice, subtle pink on the cheeks. This is one of their Sheertone blushes, which means you can build up the color, and it doesn't look over-the-top. With this, you get a lovely, natural flush. This is more of an everyday blush.

Stila's Gladiola looks amazing when I have a bit of a tan. It looks pretty good without, but when my skin is a bit tanned, good god, it looks great! It is sort of an orangey, peachy coral, which looks scary in the pan, but sheers out quite nicely on the cheeks. I got this to wear with my orange toned lipsticks, like MAC Morange and MAC's So Chaud. But, it also looks great with a peachy, nude lip. This is probably my favorite summer blush.

What are your favorite blushes? Have you tried any of these?

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