Sunday, August 11, 2013

The ( almost ) Perfect Dress

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Trying on dresses can be a pain in the ass. Really. Either they are too long, too short, too billowy, or too tight. Often, while shopping, I will see something I really like and immediately dismiss it, because "Oh, I could never pull that off." Or, "That would just look weird on me." And I just move right along, casually glancing over my shoulder at the item, while a sad song plays in my head as I walk further and further away from my beloved garment I will never own. While all this might be a bit dramatic, it is kind of disappointing seeing something you just love, but you just know it's "not for you." What's the point in trying something on just to be let down when it inevitably looks stupid?

Well, on a semi recent shopping trip with my bestie, I saw this dress. I mean, THE DRESS. It was perfect; a little retro, a cute collar, a pretty color palette, a fun plaid print. I mean, this dress was unique and I loved it. The only problem was, it "would never look right on me." However, for some reason, this time... This time I ignored my inner skeptic and grabbed it off the rack. Heading into the fitting room, I had low expectations. This style, or shape of dress usually doesn't look right on my body type. And the length had this in-betweenishness about it that I didn't think would be flattering on me.

Ok, so I unzipped this baby, stepped in, and asked the bestie to zip me up (yes, we just go into the same fitting room... don't judge us.) At first, it was a total disaster. "Come on, just suck in a little!" "I AM sucking in!!" "I think the zipper is about to break!" "Come on, we have to make it fit!"

And make it fit, we did. At first, I thought I wasn't filling it out in the chest region. I stood there staring for about five minutes before I decided that was just the way the dress was supposed to look , "because who's boobs go down that low anyway?" Once we decided I looked like a super cute 1950's housewife, I was convinced. It was the (almost) PERFECT dress.

Yes, I bought the dress. And I also learned a lesson. Whether you think something will look great on you or not, it is worth it to try anyway! The risk of being disappointed in the dress making me look like a frumpy dwarf was worth the feeling I had when I finally got that baby zipped up. It was a great relief to look and feel good in this dress I so desperately coveted. (Sure, I can barely breathe with it on due to the super stiff waistband, but I can deal with that.) So, ladies, get out there and take some fashion risks! You can thank me later :)

Has this ever happened to you? Or do you always just go for it? Let me know your thoughts!

P.s. I love that somebody found my blog by Googling "Prostitute Heels"...


  1. Good buy, mama. I always try everything on. Somehow the process of comparing and thinking of pros and cons is therapeutic. Am I the only one who loves trying stuff on?
    I am glad you went for it, cause it looks like it was made for you, sista!
    Adorable as always.

    1. Aww thanks, Ashley! I Like trying things on, but it just totally sucks when you love something, try it on and it looks like hell. I have been crushed more than a few times :(

  2. Okay, seriously, you are an ABSOLUTE doll! Love your dress, girl!

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for linking up to Spotlight Weekly link-up! Jacqueline from Stylin in St. Louis and I love having your support, and hope you'll come link up again next week! ;)

    xo, Elle

    1. Thanks so much! It was my pleasure. I love both of your blogs!

  3. Loving that necklace! If you get a second, would love to hear your thoughts on my latest! :)



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