Sunday, June 30, 2013

Never Fear! Bloglovin's Here!

I'm sure you have seen all the posts about the Google Reader Apocalypse. Sad, sad. I know. BUT you can still follow all your favorite blogs (ahem... Dressing Room Diaries) via Bloglovin'. Just create an account (it's easy) and start searching for your favorite blogs! Or you can import the blogs you currently follow with Google Reader. Either way, Google Reader will no longer exist come tomorrow, so Bloglovin' is probably your best bet if you want to keep updated on your bloggie faves. You can follow Dressing Room Diaries by clicking this link. Or stay updated by following along via social media.  Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Pintrest

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Skirts and Sparkles

 I think I was trying to make a hair scarf?

Here, I was going for the obligatory, coy over the shoulder look. 

Sometimes, I just enjoy a good skirt. I find myself feeling really old lately. Not in like a geriatric, living out my last days kind of way, but more of a, "Can I pull off these daisy dukes and/or crop top at 25?" kind of way. Also in a "Damn, I can't eat Taco Bell every day and still have the body of an Olsen twin" kind of way. Wearing these pleated, sort of billowy skirts makes me feel kind of young again, but still classy enough for my age group. Or something like that. That probably doesn't even make sense. I paired this printed skirt with this fresh, white blouse because honestly, it was easy. And I'm all about that.
 I hope you like these sparkly sandals, because you're going to be seeing a lot of them over the next few months. They are my absolute favorites! The glitter combined with the brown leather... mmm. Plus, they go with everything. I mean everything. They were a steal at only $17!
 Bracelet: Vintage (and when I say vintage, I mean I got it from someone's grandma)  |  Sandals: Target  |
Watch: Michael Kors  |  Bag: Fossil  |  Skirt: Target  |  Shirt: Forever 21

I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel. Should I make videos? I dunno. I'm pretty awkward. Would anyone actually watch them? I like seeing videos of bloggers, because you can get a better sense of their personality. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing... 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Blog Button Design Battle with Peacoats & Plaid!

Hey guys! I'm participating in Season 2 of Peacoats & Plaid's Blog Button Design Battle! Check it out and vote for your favorite below :)

Welcome to Round 2 of the Blog Button Design Battle: Season 2 with Peacoats & Plaid. Want to know who won Round 1? Drum roll please...

For the first time there was a tie: 2 winners! Congrats to both Ellie from Creative Geekery! Ellie's winning button design:

And Lisa from God, Make Me a Godly Woman! Lisa's winning design:

This week's participants include:

Bethany from The Sepia Puppy
Amanda from Living in Another Language
Hannah from Joyful Life
Yaya from Dream It, Darling
Jasmine from Sassy Brunette
Amanda from The Pretty Pinhead
Amber from Dressing Room Diaries
Kera from Nugget on a Budget
Sarah from Limited Space Organizing
Lindsey from Two Bobbins Later

Vote for your favorite and most eye-catching button by clicking on the thumbnail below. Make sure you're voting solely on eye appeal. You can only vote once, so make it count.

Check back next week for Round 3. If you're interested in participating in Season 3 of the Blog Button Design Battle, make sure you subscribe to Peacoats & Plaid for updates.

Friday, June 14, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I might have mentioned this before, but I have always had this serious self consciousness involving my freckles. Specifically the ones covering my pale arms. When I was in the second grade, a little boy in my class told me I looked like somebody threw poop at me from behind a screen door. I was never a fan and that probably made it worse. So, up until a couple of years ago, I would have never worn a dress like this, exposing so much of them, in fact, all of them. Why the change? Well, as an adult, I have sort of figured a few things out. Not much, but a few things. 

One of them is that when life gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade (and probably add some vodka.) So, with that being said, one day in my adult life, I figured eff it. I could have much bigger issues than pale, freckly arms. I say flaunt em, baby! Some people love freckles and wish they had them too. Sure, I might slather on the faux tan like there's no tomorrow, but, hell I still flaunt those babies. 

Lemon print maxi dress: Keds via Macy's | Bracelets: Target | Bag: Thrifted | Sunglasses: Warby Parker "Preston"

Gold glitter sandals: Target
 Whether you're overweight, too thin, too "boyishly" shaped, you have acne, your hair never looks how you want it to, etc, you have to just make the best of it. Sure, you can try to change it, but you can only look how your genes really intended for you to look. No, my skin will never look like Jessica Alba's and my hair will never look like a Victoria's Secret model's. My body will never look like Scarlett Johanson's. I will always be a 5'1" shrimp with pale skin, freckles, and a giant Brillo Pad on my head.  But, I am figuring out that that's ok. You have to do the best with what you've got. Lemonade, people. Lemonade.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Please excuse the dust! Remodeling in progress!

Hey guys! I have recently noticed that most of my blog is missing from the main page. So, if you were trying to follow my blog, or various social media sites, you can do so if you just click over to the second page of posts. Why is the first page all goofy? I haven't figured that out yet. But rest assured, you can still follow Dressing Room Diaries if you just click on the "older posts" link :)

In other related news, I think I am going to redo my blog design (yes, again.) I just never seem to be satisfied with it. So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to shoot them my way!