Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mix and Match

Looking a bit frumpaliscious in Anthropologie

waiting for a table at P.F. Changs

So, I wore this outfit on a little shopping excursion Saturday. Now, I love me some polka dots... ok, prints in general. Hence, my decision to pair this Forever 21 polka dot skirt with this owl print scarf from Etsy. I also really enjoy wearing pastels with polka dots. If I hadn't worn this lilac sweater, it probably would have been a mint colored sweater. Speaking of mint... I tossed on these mint colored tights just to busy up the outfit even more. Then, just in case owls, polka dots, and two different pastels weren't enough, I used a floral print bow to hold back my wild mane. 

I plan on getting my hair cut this week. Lord knows I need it. I think most of the extra weight I have been gaining is currently sitting on top of my head... I hope. Any suggestions? I'm not sure if I'm going to do any color. I really love my ombre color. I feel like it's probably time for a change, but I think if I go back to one all over color, I'll miss my ombre. I would, however, like to change up my cut a bit. I guess, as long as I don't look like a giant hedgehog, I'll be happy.

Thanks for reading! As always, your comments are very much appreciated! Whenever I get a new comment or follower, it really makes my day :) Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. A. Your 'About Me' is the greatest thing I have ever read. B. Love the polka dots!


  2. Cute outfit! x

  3. I love the cute polka dots!

  4. such a fun look :) loving the polka dots on u

    xx m


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