Monday, November 12, 2012

Lady in Leggings

I have no idea where this blazer came from, but I'm glad I rediscovered it hanging in my closet recently. I have had it for a few years and honestly, it kind of doesn't fit, but I still like how it looks. Who really cares if I can't move my arms, right? 

Today I threw it on over a chambray shirt I recently got from JC Penny of all places. Yes, folks, I had been searching for months and months for the perfect chambray. I went to J Crew, theirs didn't quite hit the mark. Madewell's were pretty decent but still a bit off. American Eagle had the best one, but were sold out of my size. So then, one day, I was walking through JC Penny and spotted this hidden on a rack in a spot I would normally never bother to look. I was elated when I noticed the light, but not too light color, without any stupid, faux bleach spots or anything like that. It fits a bit baggy, but it's nothing I can't handle. 


For some reason, sometimes, I just can't be bothered with denim. Today was one of those days. Times like these call for the J Crew Signature Leggings. These are just a nice, opaque black that don't stretch out and show any skin underneath.

One advantage of wearing leggings is that they give me the opportunity to wear my new ass kickin' combat boots, which really only seem to look good with tights and leggings. My favorite way to wear them, so far, is with tights, cutoff shorts, and a Peter Pan collar-ed sweater. 

To finish off this look, I threw on a light scarf, that I turned into an infinity scarf by tying the ends together, and my mint green quilted bag from Lulu's.

My next post involves a Sephora sale and my pathetic display of a lack of self control. Until then, thanks for reading :)


  1. I love your glasses. They suite you so well :)

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