Friday, November 30, 2012

Foxy Lady/ Oh Deer! / Something About Owls?

I have been really into woodland creatures lately. I have always been obsessed with owls, collecting everything owl themed that I could get my little hooves on. However, lately, it seems anything that lives in the woods is fair game for me. So, when I received these adorable hats (and scarf) from Craft and Laugh, I was elated! 

Ok, seriously, these hats are super cute. Not only are they cute, they are handcrafted and of the finest quality. They're made by  Denise, the genius behind Craft and Laugh,  and the great thing about her is that she loves what she does and her work reflects that. Her attention to detail never fails to impress. I have seen similar hats sold in the stores that are much more expensive, but sort of cheap looking. 

Whenever I wear one of these hats, I get so many compliments! People just love these things. The great thing is you can order them for any age! Know any cute, little babies? Yeah, I bet you they would turn some heads in these hats. And, yes, I have seen the baby versions of these. You will seriously cry over them. They are so gosh darn cute. 

So, if you want a unique, adorable winter hat or scarf, and care to support a small, growing business, order from Craft and Laugh. There is no way you could receive one of these hats and not smile. Guaranteed. 

She also sells scarves and recently started making dog clothes. All products can be seen on her site. So check it out at!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Benefit Brow Bar

I have been in desperate need of an eyebrow waxing for months. And I mean DESPERATE. Like, hair growing down to my eyelids desperate. However, when it comes to who I let rip the hair out of my face, I am sort of picky. I am apprehensive about going to a sketchy nail salon, where they take you to a back room and hack away at your face, leaving you looking like some cracked out drag queen. Or at least, that's how I imagine it. Hair salons are hit or miss and it always seems like a big ordeal trying to get it done there. There is never anybody around to do it and just like anywhere else, you never know what you're going to get out of it. 

Well, after some thought, I realized my local Ulta store housed one of these Brow Bars. I figured this would be worth a try since I have always been curious. I mean, just look how cute it is.

So, behold, the Benefit Brow Bar. 

Real attractive, right?
  My "arch expert's" name was Holly and she was super cute and friendly. Also, I trust anyone with ombré hair, so I felt pretty comfortable going into this. She had me sign a release form and asked me how I wanted my brows to look. I told her I just wanted to clean them up and keep them as thick as possible. Now, there's actually sort of a science behind this, as opposed to just slapping some wax on and hoping for the best. She used a stick and marked diagonally from my nose to the tip of my brows and straight up where my nose meets my brows. Then, she outlined the area to be waxed. She also trimmed them up so they weren't so bushy. After the waxing, she went in and tweezed all the stray, stubborn hairs that were left behind. The above photo shows what I looked like prior to the waxing. Ironically, this part did make me look a bit drag queen-ish.

As an added bonus, at the end, she used concealer to cover up the redness around the brows and filled them in with the Benefit Brow Zings. For those of you who aren't familiar with Benefit's cosmetics range, Brow Zings are a kit for shaping, and defining brows. It comes with a wax, a setting powder, and an angled brush for application. 

Voila! Here I am with newly, expertly waxed, trimmed, and tweezed brows! I'm even sporting a pretty nice arch! What I really appreciated about my Brow Bar experience was that she really took the time to make me look good. After the waxing, she diligently tweezed away, making sure no stray hair was left behind. This took a while, because, I am one hairy bitch. No joke. I wouldn't recommend this to someone looking to get this done in a hurry. It took close to 40 minutes! For me, it was well worth the wait. I can't tell if maybe the right side is slightly more arched, but either way, this is definitely the best my brows have ever looked!

This service was $20 by the way, plus a tip. Yes, it's quite a bit more than the $7-$10 at the nail salon, but like I always say, you get what you pay for, and I'll definitely be going back as soon as I start looking like a Furby again. 

Click here for a freestanding Benefit location near you! 
here for an Ulta Brow Bar location near you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sephora VIB Sale!

So one glorious day, I received a nice, little piece of paper in the mail from Sephora. On that piece of paper was a code and that code would later be used to purchase the following lovely items at 20% off :)

Shipping took a tad longer than it normally does, but since it was free shipping, I figured I couldn't really complain too much. It took about 8 days to arrive and one of my items was missing, so I had to call customer service and have it shipped separate. This was actually pretty easy, as they didn't give me any trouble and shipped it right away.

Ok, let's just get to it, shall we?

Michael Kors Rose Gold Eau de Parfum :

 This is probably the item I was most excited about. I had been stalking this product for a few months. Like for real. I almost felt like a creep. There were a number of times I went into Sephora just to spritz this all over my body and then obsessively smell myself for the rest of the day. Not only is the bottle just lovely (I adore anything rose gold,) it smells like the epitome of femininity. It is sort of a soft, fresh, sweet floral and lasts long enough to satisfy my addictive scent cravings. 

Illamasqua lipstick in Eurydice:

This is described as a "matte bright magenta," so naturally, I was instantly drawn to it. I love matte bright pink lips! I think they add such a nice punch of color to my dull, pale skin. This looks pretty similar to Nars Pure Matte lipstick in the shade Carthage, but I think this is slightly brighter and feels a little better on the lips. It also seems to wear off pretty evenly, and doesn't feel too drying. 

Clinique Whole Lotta Colour Set: 

After seeing these Chubby Stick lip balms on multiple blogs, I was anxious to try them. So, I saw this set and figured it was the perfect chance to try a few colors at a relatively low price. I have only really worn two of these so far, but they looked really nice. It was just a perfect, sheer color, which is nice to have to wear to work at 6:00 in the morning when bright reds and pinks seem a bit too much. I was a little disappointed to see that the orange looked kind of sparkly, as I am not a fan of sparkles on the lips, but I guess that's just another excuse for me to pick up Mac's Morange lipstick ;)

Becca Watermelon Beach Tint:

This shade is described as a hot pink, however, to me, it looks more like a rosy pink. I really like the consistency of this cream blush. I haven't decided, yet, if the color is right for me, but this blends really nicely and I would definitely be willing to try one of the other pinks they offer. 

I chose to cash in on my VIB rewards for the Laura Mercier Flawless Bestsellers kit. It comes with a primer, tinted moisturizer, shimmer bloc in Golden Mosaic, and Eye Basics in Wheat.  

The item that was missing from my order was the Soap and Glory Shower Trip Set. I am pretty much intrigued by all of their products, so this set was a must for me. I love cute packaging and theirs is just the cutest, so I'm sure I'll be buying full sized versions of these products. 

I also included another lipstick I just bought, which I am rather excited about, and that is the Kate Moss for Rimmel in #11. It is a nice, berry red and is actually quite long lasting. 

Just for funsies, let's see some swatches!

 OK, first, please excuse my creepy, little pale freckled arm. I was born this way :)

:left to right:
- Kate Moss #11
- Illamasqua Eurydice
- Clinique Chubby Stick Color Balms in Super Strawberry, Oversized   Orange, Curvy Candy, Richer Raisin, and Chunky Cherry.
- Becca Watermelon Beach Tint

Have you taken advantage of the Sephora VIB sale? Or do you plan on braving the Black Friday masses and getting trampled by a bunch of frantic sale fiends? 

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Dressing Room Confession #1: Strike a Pose

So here I am scrolling through my photos. I come across these two, and can't help but to chuckle at their ridiculous similarity.

Apparently throughout my shopping escapades, I have developed a specific dressing room pose. 3 things to note here: 1. The hand on the hip. 2. The slightly bent knee. 3. The hand holding the phone is positioned the same in both photos.

Also, apparently I really dig the bokeh lighting effect. I use it constantly. Aaaand I look like Olive Oyl from Popeye in the photo on the right.

Please, humor me in reading this terribly pointless post. Hopefully the next one will be slightly more interesting :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lady in Leggings

I have no idea where this blazer came from, but I'm glad I rediscovered it hanging in my closet recently. I have had it for a few years and honestly, it kind of doesn't fit, but I still like how it looks. Who really cares if I can't move my arms, right? 

Today I threw it on over a chambray shirt I recently got from JC Penny of all places. Yes, folks, I had been searching for months and months for the perfect chambray. I went to J Crew, theirs didn't quite hit the mark. Madewell's were pretty decent but still a bit off. American Eagle had the best one, but were sold out of my size. So then, one day, I was walking through JC Penny and spotted this hidden on a rack in a spot I would normally never bother to look. I was elated when I noticed the light, but not too light color, without any stupid, faux bleach spots or anything like that. It fits a bit baggy, but it's nothing I can't handle. 


For some reason, sometimes, I just can't be bothered with denim. Today was one of those days. Times like these call for the J Crew Signature Leggings. These are just a nice, opaque black that don't stretch out and show any skin underneath.

One advantage of wearing leggings is that they give me the opportunity to wear my new ass kickin' combat boots, which really only seem to look good with tights and leggings. My favorite way to wear them, so far, is with tights, cutoff shorts, and a Peter Pan collar-ed sweater. 

To finish off this look, I threw on a light scarf, that I turned into an infinity scarf by tying the ends together, and my mint green quilted bag from Lulu's.

My next post involves a Sephora sale and my pathetic display of a lack of self control. Until then, thanks for reading :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Raves and Faves

Whoever said, "Money can't buy happiness," obviously wasn't dealing with adult acne or ridiculously unmanageable hair. I, however, have been battling the two for quite a few years now.

First, the acne. Two words that when said together make me cringe are adult and acne. For the last few years, without fail, I have been getting these awful clusters of painful cysts on my jaw and neck, and random spots on my cheeks and chin. It started at the end of August and lasted until late spring/early summer. After many visits to the dermatologist, acid peels, medications, and countless products, I decided I was just doomed to have a monster face for about 86% of the year. The acid peels made my face look like I was touched by Jesus Christ himself ... for maybe two days. Then, the peeling and redness happened. And lasted almost until the next peel. It was a painful, less than attractive cycle.

Then, I found Mario Badescu's Glycolic Acid toner... About ten days ago. Ok so, it's still a bit early to decide whether or not this is God's gift to my awkward, thirteen year old boy skin. But after about ten days, my skin is noticeably smoother, and I can barely see or feel the cysts on my neck. Also, my dry, flaky patches are dramatically reduced.

I use this after cleansing with Cetaphil (I alternate between the original and extra gentle) and then, I moisturize with Philosophy's Hope in a Jar (the oil free one.) I have a feeling this combination might keep me from looking unsightly (hopefully) all winter!

By Terry Baume de Rose, oh how you vex me. I read all the rave reviews and debated splurging on this for probably a year before actually taking the plunge. When I first received it, I had mixed feelings. I loved the texture and sheer color, but absolutely hated the scent. Also, it didn't seem like it made my lips terribly smoother... until they actually became chapped. Then after applying this a few times, my lips were back to being smooth and moisturized. The real test will be over the next few months when the cold, winter winds are constantly blowing against my face.

Now, the hair. My frazzled, frizzy, Diana Ross hair. I have been dealing with this mangled mop since, well, forever. It's coarse, curly, frizzy, and well, big. I color it, flat iron it, curl it, you name it. Needless to say, it requires a lot of TLC. Nothing has ever really helped that much. I started using Alterna's Moisture RX conditioner and honestly, no other conditioner has felt this nice on my head. My hair feels like heaven when I get out of the shower. Smoother, shinier, healthier, and my curls even look bouncier:)

I plan on purchasing the accompanying shampoo, but for now, I have just been alternating between the random shampoos that are cluttering my shower area. I change up my shampoo often, as my hair has major commitment issues and doesn't do very well with the same thing all the time.

These are just a few products that I think will get me through the awful winter months, a little less hostile, and a little more pretty :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

J Crew Whore

So I finally got this sweater from J Crew last week. I tried it on about six weeks ago and hated it. I tried a smaller size when I went back, loved it. I'm thinking this runs a bit large, because when I'm completely honest with myself, I can no longer wear an extra small. This, however, is an extra small and fits quite nicely. It's a tad short when I lift my arms or when I happen to be sitting in a less than flattering position, but I can always throw something on underneath. Overall, I am rather pleased with my latest J Crew acquisition.

I popped (just letting you know I typed "pooped" on accident, giggled because I'm immature, and deleted it) into Mac last week just for a good browse and ended up preordering a lipstick from the new holiday collection. Here, I am wearing Mac's Outrageously Fun! I wanted to find something a little different from what I typically wear, and all the deep, darker colors fitting for this season left me looking like a fifteenth century vampire. Don't know what that means? Yeah, neither do I. But this is still different, as it happens to be my first foray into purple toned lipsticks. It's still pink, like everything else I wear, but yes, it's slightly different :)

On another note, my obsession with colored denim is getting a bit out of control! More on that later... Have a good weekend :)

Sweater: J Crew
Jeans:   J Crew (sold out, similar here)
Shoes: J Crew (also sold out, similar here)
Bag: H&M