Friday, October 19, 2012

Well, hello there, Fall.

So recently in an attempt to ring in the Fall season, I went on a little woodsy hike through the park. Apparently, in my world, this kind of thing calls for a slightly "granny chic" look.

Behold, the J Crew CafĂ© Capris in herringbone! These wool pants feel comfy, yet look classy and chic. They are completely lined, so you don't have to worry about itchy legs. Ideally, these would be worn with heels, however, heels on a hike through the woods are quite impractical, even for me. I've paired them with a sweater that has an adorable French hen wearing a pink beret and a chambray shirt under that.

*Note* On an average/normal sized human, these pants would be a little more cropped, however, since I straddle the threshold of what the LPA considers legal dwarfism, everything looks a wee bit longer on me.

Stay tuned for more posts displaying my unabashed J Crew crush!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ready, Set, Blog!

After years of reading and admiring countless blogs from afar, I have decided to finally hop on the bandwagon! I'll start this new blog by sharing some of my new fall obsessions; a little fall lust list, if you will. Ok here we go...

Zara Guipure Lace Trousers
ASOS Sweater With Woven Peplum


Zara Skinny Pleat Front Trousers
Madewell Scallop Lace Top


This season, I am loving sweet, girly details, i.e, lace, peplum, and Peter Pan collar tops (worn with more masculine pieces.) Also, I am starting to stray from denim, and leaning more in the direction of classy, adult trouser style pants. These lace trousers from Zara are at the top of the list of things I am swooning over at the moment. Paired with a chambray shirt as pictured, perfectly balances the look, so it doesn't look too sweet.

Frye Melissa Button Boot

Topshop MAVERIQ Heavy Studded Slippers

Two things I have been on the hunt for are the perfect flats and riding boots!
These Frye boots, though a bit pricey, hit the mark almost perfectly. I might just have to be a bad girl and spring for these cognac bad boys!
Covered in gold studs, these salmon pretties are sweet, yet edgy. Also, at just $64, yours truly just might have these on her feet sooner than later :)  

 What items are you swooning over this season?